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Wednesday, May 2. Psalms 67 – 69

The writer of Psalm 68 prays on behalf of the people of God.

God, he writes, is a great God.  Nevertheless, he has a particular concern for orphans and widows, the lonely and the captives, the burdened.

And all that is good because these are the people who need Him (not that others don’t).  God’s people are besieged by enemies, coming from Bashan – the area north and east of the Sea of Galilee.  The invaders are not content with their majestic and fertile land, they must have God’s land and of course, when invaders come, it is always the alone, aged, and helpless who suffer most.

But this God will not allow, and through it all, the writer calls for God to march forth from heaven as he has always done to deliver His people.  The result will be the glorification of God’s people, the worship of God by His people, tribute brought to God by surrounding nations who see the mighty protective power of the Lord.

The Psalmist is petitioning God for aid, but he writes as if the aid has already been given.  This is prayer of one who has entrusted his future and that of his people to the Lord.