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Wednesday, May 23. Psalms 138 – 141

In a world where religions and their adherents abound, the writer of Psalm 138 boldly proclaims the superiority of Israel’s God above all other deities.  The reason is simple: God, the supreme God, the God of Israel, has answered the prayers of the psalmist and has made him bold and strong.

The writer’s God is one who sees all men alike, though that doesn’t mean He approves of all men.  He simply sees everything and everyone, has a purpose for all, and is determined to fulfill that purpose, all the while protecting His people, the work of His hands.

Christians do not have to be obnoxious to be faithful.  They can simply state their position and live it.  The world may not like it, but our goal is not to win the approval of the world.  It is to live in a way that God will bless, so that the world, taking a closer look, might come to praise the Lord with us.