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Wednesday, November 28. Hebrews 1 – 3

    As you read through Hebrews, one of the things to notice is an alternation between information and exhortation.  “Exhortation” is just a fancy word, almost a religious term now, for “encouragement.”  It is as if the writer says “here’s what you should know” and then, “because this is true, this is how you should respond.”

    The readers of Hebrews have suffered much for following Jesus.  With a Jewish background, some of them are wondering if it might not be just as well to abandon Christianity in favor of the faith of their fathers.  But the writer of Hebrews tells them that Christianity is the faith of their fathers, for Jesus is the Son of God.

    As the book opens, the writer mentions Christ’s work of providing purification for sins (chapter 1).  In chapter two, he calls it “atonement for sins” and “making people holy” and the message of this blessing is the message of “salvation.”  There was only one way for Jesus to do this, and that was to become human and destroy the power of death through his own suffering.  In fact, Jesus’ work was brought to completion by his suffering.  Because he suffered, He knows what we are going through and can help us with sufferings of our own.

    If we abandon Jesus, the writer of Hebrews says, we abandon the only hope humanity has.