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Wednesday, September 12. 1 Chronicles 27 – 29

    Chapter 27 may appear to be the least understandable of all.  Why do we need to know this?

    The chapter is divided into two parts: the first one has to do with the over-all organization of Israel.  The second part has to do with the organization of the king’s palace.  The Chronicler is going somewhere with all of this and where he is going is chapters 28-29, the plans for the building of the temple.

    None of the building of that great structure would have been possible without the preparation and organization of God’s people.  Furthermore, David didn’t just want to build the temple.  He wanted all Israel to buy into building it, and buy into its importance.  He couldn’t do that just by laying plans and providing financing.  He had to have a smaller subset of the people – respected leaders – whom he could inspire and who would, in turn, inspire the people.  It was leadership at its best and chapter 27 is the end of the great section, begun in chapter 23, on the organization of Israel. 

    Do you remember what precedes the section?

    Preparation for building the temple (chapter 22).

    What follows the section?

    Preparations for building the temple (chapters 28-29).