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Wednesday, September 3. Ezekiel 5 – 7

Recently I purchased a straight edge razor for shaving. It’s difficult to be precise around a beard with those fancy razors stores now sell. I put off using it until I had time to take my time. Didn’t want to cut my neck open.

I used lots of hot towels and shaving gel with a good lubricant.

I also gave up after a few strokes. Yes, I may have been doing it wrong, but it still hurt! Yes, I would get better with practice, but until I got better, I’d be likely to look like I’d come out on the losing end of a knife fight!

Imagine then what Ezekiel might have looked like in chapter 5. He wasn’t using my surgically sharp razor. He was using a sword. And he was shaving his entire head. Not only his crazy actions would get attention – but so would his appearance and all of it was to draw attention to the plight of Jerusalem.

Keep in mind that Ezekiel’s object lesson was for the exiles – not the inhabitants of Jerusalem. The exiles expected by their countrymen. God’s message was that the countrymen were about to face a judgment unique in the dealings with God and mankind. Like the flood, it would be a one time affair – but the devastation would be great. The Lord gives only one reason: rebellion against his decrees and laws.