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Whose Side Are You On?

If you’ve been a member here long you’ve heard me speak of one of my favorite professors, Jack P. Lewis. Dr. Lewis received a PhD from Harvard in New Testament, and another from Hebrew Union in Old Testament. I last saw him at Harding University in 2014 where he was a guest lecturer on the subject of “fasting.” In his 90’s, he was a bit frail, but spoke with a strong voice. Since his eyesight was really bad, he read his lecture from a large computer screen with especially large fonts.

Within the last two years, he’s published at least two new books: one on archeology (volume 2 – 574 pages), and the other a history of the Bishops Bible – the fore-runner of the King James Bible.

I’m back at Harding this week, speaking three times at their Bible lectures series and, meeting another dear professor, Phillip Slate, I asked about Dr. Jack. He related this story. “Dr. Lewis’ eyesight is now gone. He can no longer hear. He is moved about in a wheel chair. Each Sunday he is brought to church and placed at the entrance to the auditorium where he greets people, welcoming them as they enter for worship. Someone asked him: “Why do you come? You cannot see. You cannot hear. What are you getting out of it?”

Dr. Lewis replied: “I want everyone to know whose side I’m on.”

Do people know whose side you are on by the life you live and the worship you give?